Indra Bellydance is now Embrace Bellydance

Throughout time, the common denominator of the belly dance has been women. It’s women who love this dance and in the end, will keep it alive. In this day and age this is a dance done by, for, and about women all over the world. It is the embodiment of the universal feminine archetype, an expression of the universal, collective experience of all women in all times and cultures on this planet.    By Delilah…………….

I believe what is missing for women in today’s society is a form of self expression other then speaking or writing.  A form of expressing oneself through our bodies other then sex or sport, a way to  speak to the world, to tell our story, to express our femininity, motherhood and sisterhood.  All this information is already in the cells of our body…our life experiences as women. This is what gives me the most satisfaction when I dance… a way to express who I am… tell my story…to give out and receive.

By Shameela    (inspired by Delilah)

Embrace Bellydance

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